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      Keyeagle Hardware Co., Ltd.

      Add:No.53 Liankai, Shoutai Ind'l Zone,

      Jinfeng Town, Changle Dist.,
      Fuzhou, China (350211)
      Tel:+86 591 86397876
      Fax:+86 591 86397879

      Company Profile
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      Keyeagle Hardware Co., Ltd. is science & technology enterprise, which focuses on the lifting
      products and engages in research & development, production and trading. The company is
      located at Shoutai Ind’l Zone, Jinfeng Town, Fuzhou, China where it is convenient traffic and 
      smooth logistics. The main products are polyester sling,tie down strap, recovery strap, wire
      rope, wire rope sling, various types of rigging hardware and others. These products are widely
      used for such fields as metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, machinery, railway, harbor,
      aerospace, aviation, chemical, airplane maintenance, mine, construction and others.
      The company looks after quality first, reputation first, keeps in mind improvement on products,
      guide to the potential markets. It adds fund to the research & development of new products,
      and takes better measures of quality control, aiming at it could sustainably make the products
      suitable for the newer demand which comes out of the markets endlessly. Additionally , the
      products are sold with the prices reasonable, quality superior, products rich and service
      satisfactory. The company sincerely looks forward to meeting more demand of the markets
      by its staff’s efforts. 
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